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Case Study
Amazon Merch collab

Creative Process

Merch Collab is a new licensing program where brands collaborate with qualified designers and manufacturers to create the world’s largest selection of branded merchandise for fans. Merch Collab makes licensing as easy as “Buy now with 1-click”, brands simply approve and promote products. Amazon tracks sales and pays out royalties.

One of the main drivers of Amazon Merch Collab, besides accessing customers who seek a broad variety of designs and merchandise, is putting control back in the hands of licensors. Brand owners are able to create guidelines and instructions for creative development to a pool of approved designer artists. Once a designer submits an item, the brand can approve or reject it at the click of a button in Seller Central. Or, provide feedback and perfect the item to their standards. Amazon Merch Collab supports print on demand products through Merch by Amazon to quickly roll out products.

Given the nature of the program, all brand types, including major entertainment brands, musicians, consumer products, and social influencers. Currently, Amazon is working with brands like Rick and Morty, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and (Impractical) Jokers. Customers are eagerly purchasing a wide variety of designs, the likes of which you cannot find in brick-and-mortar stores. With a broad audience of consumers hungry for unique designs, Amazon Merch Collab will continue to expand and to deliver options.

Brainstorm & Sketches

Every collection would begin with a brainstorm sessions between the design team and  Studio Partner or Influencer. As designers use Wacom tablet to create sketches,  re-design concepts based on feedback and retail needs of Studio Partner or Influencer.

Style Guides 

Style Guide were created alongside partners design standards and requirements to open the Brand to the network of Collab Designers for the scalability of a constant flow of new designs for the Brands to review. 

Partner Approvals 

Review design print proofs for accuracy and approval to print, and send to Brand for final Partner Approval. If the Brand has feedback we will revise and resend for final inspection of the final product.

Brand Pages

Once designs have been approved designers managing the brand will create a custom Brand Page for the partners to sell there new collections instantly  through Amazon. 

brand Creation workflow

Mood boards + Design concepts

brand STORE pAGE

Stores are a multi-page, immersive shopping experience on Amazon that allow you to showcase your brand and products. Creating a Store is free and doesn’t require any web development skills. Easily create custom layouts with rich multimedia content by using drag-and-drop tiles or predesigned templates.

Brand Stores are available for brand partners who are selling products on Amazon. This includes sellers who are registered in the Amazon Brand Registry, vendors, and agencies representing brands. My design team was responsible for constructing the Brand pages of partners that needed support  

The time it takes to create a Store depends on what you would like to create. We’ve provided you with templates and tiles to make it easy to created pages quickly without design expertise. Before your Store can be published, we review it using a moderation process to make sure that it is up to the high standards we set for the customer shopping experience across Amazon.

Stores templates and widgets are all designed as responsive. They work on any screen size or device type. To see how your Store will look on mobile or desktop before publishing it, a Preview link is available to you from the Store Builder.

  private label designs 

3P Skateboard exploration

AMAZON customer experience

Amazon collab Promotional video


Explore more of my case studies that break down my process for more design projects. If you have any questions shoot me an e-mail to chat.

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