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Private Label

Case Study
Amazon Private Label

In 2018 the design team embarked on a new exciting direction for Merch. Creating brands based on our customer data, this is an opportunity to for whitespace ideas.


Sandra Lucia Diaz
Billy Bacarella



Private Label Brands

Creative Process

How did we get here?

The Merch by Amazon Design team brainstormed what needs to be considered when creating a PL brand. Here we developed brand tenets, funnel and checklist. These devices create a process for us, from forming ideation to execution.

After creating tools we then dived into our customers keyword searches data from Q1 & Q2. This incredible list gave us a demographic idea of who our customers are.

From there we invited people outside our team, to join us in a brand brainstorm based on the keyword data. From there we grouped the ideas into different categories based on similar themes. Design applied this information to researched design trends, and created personalities and art direction.

The brands we will be looking at are: New Age (for the enlightened and sarcastic), Pet Parents (a brand for bona de pet owners), All Together Now (a celebration of individuality and inclusiveness), Cute Food (Japanese street fashion meets food), Camp Daydream (for kids), Trendy Moms (Moms on the go and who dress well), Decades (an appreciation of the tropes and styles of past eras).

Brain Storming 

Including various stakeholders from various departments to help brainstorm concepts as we focused on the top keywords of 2018 Q1 & Q2.

Market Research

Customers of top of mind but our design team took notice of what competitors within the Amazon Marketplace we didn’t want to overcrowd  develop similar existing brands. 

3P Product Exploration

I partnered up with third party manufacturers to print the our designs on a variety of new product types like skateboards, blankets, cellphone cases and more.  


Brand Pages

Once designs have been approved, designers managing the brand will create a custom Brand Page to launch private label brands to sell there new collections instantly  through Amazon.



Product types

  • Bella Canvas + Port & Company T-shirts – (Women & Mens Small – 3XL & Kids 2- 12)
  • Bella Canvas + Port & Company Women’s v-neck t-shirt – Small – 3XL
  • Port & Company Baseball t-shirts – (Women & Mens Small -3XL)
  • Bella Canvas Tank tops – (Women Small -XL)
  • Bella Canvas + Port & Company Long sleeve t-shirts – (Women & Mens Small -3XL)
  • Port & Company Crewneck sweatshirt – (Women & Mens Small – 3XL)
  • Port & Company Pullover & Zip Hoodie – (Women & Mens Small – 3XL)
  • Port & Company Pullover Hoodies – (Women & Mens Small – 3XL)
  • Pop-Sockets (Dimensions: 1.56″ diameter)
  • Zip Hoodies – (Women & Mens Small – 3XL)

4500 by 5400 products 





brand Creation workflow


brand Research


Kawaii is the culture exploring all things cute, this brand will focus on every capturing the essence of kawaii street style.

Culinary enthusiast that love expressing their interested in food or by making works of art with everyday meals. They take cooking to the realm of all things cute, almost too cute to eat. Culinary enthusiast bring food to life by demonstrating human like behaviors and emotions.


For anyone that considers themselves to be a Pet Parents
to their fur babies. Cat & Dog Collections that can be branch
out into di erent collections likeCrazy Cat Mom Life. Refreshed by Social Media Holidays Ex: (Monday, October 29 National Cat Day 2018)

This brand is for sassy pet parents that are willing to spend their whole salaries to keep their furry best friend happy. Pet parents consider their pets as their own children and as such want make sure their four- legged babies have everything they need to be comfortable. Being a
Pet Parent is a unique lifestyle and should celebrated through fashion.


Celebrating motherhood focusing on providing mothers on-the-go with fast fashion that is fashionista approved. Ex. “Chaos coordinator”

This brand stands with mothers that have had endless sleepless nights looking after their kids and wake
up at 5am and go to work. A brand that embodies all the hard work and
sacri ce that mothers have to makein order to raise their children as head of family or as a single mother. This collection is to empower mothers on the go ready to slay the day.

Process Sketches

private label designs 

Avalible on Amazon

Product Units





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