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PRIME VIDEO channels Mexico

Service level launch 

Launched Prime Video Channels in Mexico, giving Prime customers access to 10 unique over-the-top and pay TV channels including Movies & TV, Hobby and Kids genre categories. Once subscribed, Prime customers in Mexico can enjoy on-demand and live content anytime, anywhere from connected TVs, streaming media players, mobile devices and Amazon Fire TV Stick, at home or on the go. 

Creative Process

Where can I see the experience?

Mexico Prime members can, simply go to and Prime Video Apps to view available channels and sign up for a free trial. Prime Video Channels is available across all devices that support the Prime Video app, including connected TVs, streaming media players, mobile devices and Amazon Fire TV Stick, at home or on the go. See below for the customer experience via


Focus Group + GTM Doc

Building local marketing teams in international territories and conducting focus groups within Mexico gave my design team a window into the local customers needs and equip us with the tools we need to properly market to the Mexican consumer.

Beta Testing 

Our team conducted beta testing in Mexico & US with Latino (Native Spanish Speakers) Amazon employees. This help our teams debug any design issues before launch and helped us deliver the best CX to our customers.   

Partner Education 

Partner education including style guides & design pattens helped step up the studio Partners for success through scaling, automation and monthly business reviews check-ins pre-launch with the art department of each partner studio.

Launch Learnings

Collecting launch learnings from various designers to construct the Creative Playbook and help facilitate the launch of new territories in 2020 and beyond.

Product Features

  • 10 local and international channels launched including HBO, TV Azteca, Paramount+, STARZPLAY, MGM and Noggin. 
  • 7-day free trial offered for all channels, prices ranging from 39 MXN to 169 MXN per month after free trial.
  • 12K VOD movies and TV episodes added via Prime Video Channels for Mexico—increasing the Prime Mexico catalog by 44% to 39K titles. 
  • HBO channel offering 5 linear feeds and TV Azteca channel offering 4 linear feeds to customers.
  • Introduction of the ‘Prime Video Channels’ branding across Prime and Prime Video pages.
  • Additional channels will be added in the coming months.

best practices

Correct Tooling: Ensure Ops team have scoped out the necessary tech work involved in the launch to avoid unexpected issues. Verify our catalogue is equipped to handle scenarios such as Live Merging, Tombstoning, Automated offer creation.

Catalogue Checks: Start checking published launch content as soon as possible, do not wait until the beta participants start flagging issues which you can check before.

Treat post launch content differently: Having catchup content in the catalogue will make it challenging from an operational and testing perspective. If you want collection page carousels to show up, you will need to ask for ‘test’ content to be delivered as placeholder. This might result in content dropping off prior to launch during beta so ensure availability on test content during this time.

Monitor linear image and metadata coverage during 4-8 weeks prior to launch: This will give you sufficient time to work with partner and Gracenote to close the gaps and ensure the best CX.

Scope out any non-standard workflows we might need to support +5 months out:  Speak to partners early on so we can figure out if tech work is needed.

Ensure all Localization work is submitted with enough time, ideally in one batch: Adhoc requests create churn. Make sure Merchandising and Ops understand what is needed since the start. 

Launch Learnings: 

Partner Education is Key to a successful launch


Avoid delays in Partner Education by implementing strict guidelines with partner. Delays in education phase will have implications on deliveries, publishing and merchandising workflows. Be prepared to drop the partner if they fail to meet the SLAs.


Verifying too late whether partners can respect delivery SLAs

Set up some testing during the onboarding phase to make sure partners can stick to Library and pre-launch  content SLAs. Don’t leave it until post launch.


Launch Partners that do not have the minimum content required shouldn't be part of the initial launch

Ensure CAM are signing deals with partners that have sufficient selection. Either 100 Movies or 25 unique series is the absolute minimum to launch a channel.


The social media campaign included both paid Facebook and Instagram ads targeting current active Prime members through the PV MX brand social handles. Organic posts were also posted across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. To date, the paid campaign has driven 9MM impressions to date and reached 930K people (approximately 84% of our paid Prime customer base). Initial results (from 10/7-10/12) show the channel driving 541 attributable channel subscriptions at USD $17 per subscription start.

 For organic/earned, Prime Video Channels was featured in four posts across our three main brand handles (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) that included both the launch announcement and an additional engagement post on Twitter. The Launch Announcement was the top performing post for the week on both Facebook (198K impressions and 1.4K content responses) and Twitter (39K impressions and 298 responses). 

                The numbers

MX Channels generated 85k total Prime Video subscriptions across 70k subscribers during the first week of Launch. 

  • As % Prime, MX outperformed all other locales at 5.4% penetration rate 
  • MX also outperformed all other locales with a PV Active attach rate of 7.2% 
  • Top channels by subscription volume were: HBO (64%), MGM (10%) and STARZPLAY (10%) .
  • Customers streamed 936k times across subscriptions (6% total PV streams), providing an HPC of 7.1 (week) per subscriber and driving an overall increase to PV MX HPC of 0.7 (8% of total PV hours).
  • Channels contributed to 2,266 new Prime signups (6.0% of total PV attributed Prime, 3.6% of total Prime signups)



Linear Feeds


Customers Streaming

Prime Video ChANNELS Reel 

Case Studies 

Explore more of my case studies that break down my process for the design projects below. If you have any questions shoot me an e-mail to chat.


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