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sandra Lucia dIAZ ARIAS

I’m Sandra Lucia Diaz an Art Director who uses design as a tool to solve user and global business problems through brand building, video production, media communication in a collaborative environment.


I’m Sandra Lucia Diaz an Art Director who uses design as a tool to solve user and global business problems through brand building, video production, media communication in a collaborative environment. Currently, an Art Director for Amazon Prime Video Channels Mexico, where I spearheaded design and direction for service level launch Prime Video Channels Mexico. Lead global Creative team, Site Merchandisers, Project Managers as well as Studio Partners and external agencies to execute a high volume of content for launch through steady-state as a Full Stack Designer.

Previously worked as an Art Director at Hotheads and managed a team of designers as we focused on global expansion of beauty brands Hotheads®, Hotheads® Brazil, Hairtalk® Netherlands, Hairtalk® France, & Martino by Martino.

Led UI Web Development of Hotheads® & Hairtalk® Netherlands website using modern responsive WordPress websites and scaled our international design teams to manage their territories websites, marketing collateral and social media channels. 

Design case studies

Explore more of my case studies that break down my process for the design projects below. If you have any questions shoot me an e-mail to chat.


Ruth Kimbrough-Bent

Ruth Kimbrough-Bent

Engagement & Client Services Manager at Miami-Dade County


As a new member of our design team, Sandra made her presence felt from the start. Whether the assignment was to develop hundreds of icons for our web portal or a complex layout for our employee magazine, she approached each project with genuine enthusiasm that showed through in her work. Sandra has a number of excellent personal and professional qualities but two in particular stand out as extra special.

First, she is a great listener. She has a real knack for hearing what her clients need and confirming those needs through words and art. She walks clients through her entire creative process, not because she needs their reassurance. On the contrary, she does so because she gets that clients need the reassured that they have been understood. Second, Sandra is thorough. Once she has confirmed the client’s expectations, she delivers a product that not only meets those expectations, but exceeds them. Her forward-looking approach keeps her designs fresh, trendy but also tasteful. She anticipates all the different ways the designs can be used which is not only savvy from a design standpoint, it also widens the perspective of the client.

Artistically, Sandra has real flair beyond her years. She has a wonderful eye for color and her work is playful, elegant and refined. Because of Sandra’s humility, sense of humor and excellent work ethic, she has simply been a pleasure to work with during these few short months. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly endorse Sandra Diaz.


Laura Hawkinson

Laura Hawkinson

Sr. Marketing Manager at Amazon Fashion


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sandra for almost 2 years on Merch by Amazon, collaborating on several design projects for Marketing. Sandra was an invaluable asset in creating the PowerPoint deck used for our VP’s keynote speech at the 2018 Licensing Expo, one of our organization’s largest events to date.

Sandra was asked to join the project at the last minute and she took complete ownership of the project, raising the bar on our ideas for the design and content, and at times even worked late into the evening to ensure everything was perfect for the keynote presentation. She was a large factor in our team’s success. Sandra always has a positive attitude and is a true team player. She is honest, dependable, creative, and always eager to learn. She is incredibly talented and would be an asset to any team.


Christian Cuddington

Christian Cuddington

Program Manager II at Amazon


Sandra and I worked together to produce video content educating Content Creators for Merch by Amazon. Her willingness to reach out and help those outside of her team is greatly appreciated as the final product we created would not have been possible without her excellent graphic design and video editing skills. Our content has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, with customers responding very positively to the clear visual explanation of Content Policy for our product. Sandra is one of the nicest people I have had a chance to work with. Her artistic abilities and technical skills will be an asset to any team or product she’s working with.



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