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Carolina Herrera Live Sketching 

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Client: Carolina Herrera Live Sketching
Tasks: Fashion Illustration & Live Sketching

It’s amazing where my talents have taken me and recently, I was invited to attend an exclusive launch at Carolina Herrera located in Shops at Merrick Park, FL, for an afternoon of tea, champagne and hors d’ oeuvres to celebrate the newest addition to their Royal Family of handbags – The DUKE Bag collection! As a fashion of all designers, I absolutely adore Carolina Herrera for her very feminine pieces and intricate details that really compliment a wide variety of female forms.

Like any other job, I was excited for what the day brought! While trying to come up with a theme as to how to illustrate the fun-filled event, I decided to capture each guest as royalty at the fashion-inspired tea party to play off the name of the brand’s latest IT bag!
The guests absolutely LOVED seeing themselves illustrated in regal form and I had a blast sketching them. It was a wonderful event that really brought out my creativity. Doing live sketch events can sometimes be a challenge given you only have so much time to create each illustration and, of course, you want it to be perfect!

But it’s also fun to really use my imagination and such wonderful clothes and accessories like those from Carolina Herrera as inspiration for my pieces. The best part is seeing the smile on the guests’ faces when they see the finished product, which is why I have the best job in the world! I’m really lucky to be afforded these opportunities and look forward to every live sketching job I land.

Special shout-out toSpecial shout-out to Chris Ramos for taking these beautiful photographs and Camila Villamiln founder of So Sophisticated Blog and she has a brand new app Be Sophisticated coming out soon, so stay tuned!

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