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Merch by Amazon Seller Education

Client: Merch by Amazon (Content Operations)
Tasks: Video Production
Talent: Christian Cuddington (Lead PM), Nate Sosa (Narration), and Mary Holmes (UX Design)
Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro & After Effects

Problem:  With 65% of the population being visual learners, we have an opportunity to improve our customer experience by producing video content that sellers can view to learn more about being successful on our platform. We’ve started with a Content Policy 101 video as we’ve heard feedback from our customers explaining that even after reading our policies they could use more examples of what is and isn’t allowed to be submitted. Content creators are often unaware of content policies until after their first rejection or takedown, so making help documentation more accessible will also improve our ability to educate sellers and prevent them from having a bad experience. Directing new sellers to this content will also prepare them for success right from the start.
Solution:  This is the first video in what will become a series of content that educates sellers on how to be successful on Merch by Amazon. The video being launched now will do the following: 1) Explain the basic premise of content policy for Merch, 2) Provide clear examples of what is good and bad content, and 3) Forward the seller to our detailed content policy for further review. After watching this video, the seller will have a better understanding of what type of content is ideal for submission. The video will live on the Content Policy FAQ page, with later plans to also host on social media platforms..
Role: Lead Video Editor